For reasons left off the page it turns out that our rescheduling of the US tour to next year was the right move in many many ways. No one is happy about the necessity but the necessity was

Trying to make the right call, in the face of so much effort to get there, leads to some degree of post-fact assessment and self doubt/questioning, even when you think you've done the right thing. After further review, it turns out to have been a Boss Level Move.


And so, in safe harbour of Canada Bay, the Captain did relinquish said title and adopt the correct In-Port-Appellation of Quartermaster.


Also, did the Quartermaster buy pickles.

The crew arranged a debrief and meet last night and we examined what we're up to.

I noted in the ships log that the votes were cast: 

1. That we shall be in favour of US tour 2018 and commence work in September.

2. That a shake out voyage for a local port shall be established to continue to work the crew to Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion.

3. That the 5D project shall now receive additional work, subject to Lynchy being available or finding another studio. Also MJEB to keep adding video components.

4. That more units of Defiance shall be ordered for AU

5. That the 3 part Mid West Triptych containing the 3 albums and some additional stuff shall be released. When we're ready. With additional discussion to follow.

6. That Project J shall commence, and that should Mr Wizard prove resistant to the vote of his crew, that he shall be given a certain amount of ribbing from his crew mates:-)

7. That the new songs as yet unfinished shall receive work

8. That MJEB shall seek additional funds for project S.

A burger with pickles was served and some red wine was drunketh.

The Quartermaster proposed a toast to the health of the crew and in observance of their great effort this last 4 years.

A toast was proposed also for the exemplary work of Brother Bill and the health of the Quartermaster was drunk for services to the crew.

Our meeting was concluded in love and harmony and praise of the Quartermasters pickle selection, which included some Ginger Sushi Pickles.


Meanwhile, I have managed to get some forward progress on...


(also I got some Joomla Tech Love from Sozzled but I already said that but I am repeating it cos I'm happy).

Chuck has agreed to dance for us. - I'd show you a sample but it will spoil the surprise.

Plus I've finally got some help from some online artists for my Heavy Weather Clip - which has so far eluded me.

This bodes well for some fun stuff over the next little while, and I feel like we're still doing useful things, whlst being bummed about not going on tour.

We're best when we're working, and we're working. You can expect some updates as we try, fail, learn, try again, repeat and smile :-)