As you drive back towards Sydney, the kerbs return. The streetlights return.

Looking at the bay at Eden, I was struck by the thought that Sydney Harbour would have once looked the same way. Green fingers gripping the water.

You can feel the future as it moves in waves of generations, like ripples in a pond, radiating inland and up and down the coasts from the main centres.

The Australia of Banjo Patterson still exists on the fringes. Vast silences and open spaces, tinder yellow hills.

We triangulated between the edges of the frontier, from the hills to the coast. It made me wonder about the last frontiers, before my mobile phone coverage becomes excellent everywhere.

Strange in the nature of man is to be at odds in such beauty. Living in a smaller town is not some blissful paradise. Perhaps to be a traveller is to skip along the pretty surface. Even as I write that I dismiss it.

In some ways we all live in the country of our mind.

I look at the window and I am awestruck. Amazed by the stars. Fascinated by the edge of the dark I can see in the sliver of a moon. Is this the world I live in, only brighter, more real?

I missed a few days of world connectedness, reading the bad news. I spent some time blogging the scenery for FB. It's a bright feed into the world.

 21765180_1426452514138487_4186855515979451694_n (Custom).jpg

In the browser window in the screen to my right, the world is flashing at me. I'm resisting its pull and staying a moment more in the spaces between the waves.

We had a grand weekend of playing music. Friday we were fumbly, Saturday we got it right and we ended Sunday strong. Jo sang one of the new songs so well I was almost giggling with glee.

I got to hear Dinesh do 'Manifesto' three times. We worked on 'Brave With Your Heart' and got it right. Our logistics were rational and smooth. Getting the simple little things right makes a difference.

We may be visiting the last vestiges of the frontiers, soon you'll need to travel farther to travel back in time.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this weekend and made it possible for us to do it.