A strong week. 

The video we did (ok, I did) caused some Online Posting. I'm following some strange internal compass when I do this stuff and mean no harm.

That said, in looking at the footage, I didn't make anything up there. It is what it is.

What you walk past, is what you accept. Us muso's are the canaries in the coal mine. The Frogs in the pot. the litmus paper in your pool kit. 

If it gets at ya in some way, I'm doing my job. 


Now for an actual Soapbox Moment.

Net neutrality matters.

The US Government asking FB for lists of people who were at an anti government rally, matters.

It matters a lot.

There's never been a time in existence where more data has been created stored and referenced for a single human.

George Orwell would totally freak out, it's beyond even anything that could be conceptualised back then, and he was a cluey dude.

Don't fear AI. Fear the inherent selfishness of being human, and that humans will take advantage of opportunities, and that the law often works in retrospect.

As do analysis of elections.

What about 'security'?

Sure. Well argued point. I could point to Franklins' 'security vs liberty' argument (and i do), but, and i am trying to avoid 'but' in my arguments, it's not what's on my mind.

franklin, liberty (Custom).png

Our very thinking is on display online.

Our lives easily mapped in EFTPOS/ATM transactions.

Seeking to capture information that is used for exploitation and control is unacceptable.

It is, in-human.

We're still a Primate species. Not robots. Not perfect. Each generation, each person, has to learn all the lessons again from scratch.

Our lives are now in permanent record. if so, at least let the use of the record be benign. The keepers of the records subject to scrutiny and to censure.

It's bugging me (pun? groan) to think that a Western Democracy wants to put its citizens on a watch list for protesting.



It disturbs me to think that corporations will throttle information access, like a return to the priests of the Nile, deciding whose fields will be flooded.

Hail Pharoah.



Meanwhile, Bill just sent me 20 songs.

No, make that 22.


I can't sit here trying to think big thinky thinks, we got work to do. Ya mule! ya!