On a positive note, we commence work on Friday arvo on mixing for 5D and some more work on SC11.

What is an album anyway?

With an unlimited infinite format...yeah I know I said that in a post a while back. Get on with it.

5D doesn't need any more instrumentation..or does it?

5D, which will be sequentially SC10, shows us the way to SC11.

For those confused, 'Defiance' our 9th album is 'SC9' in internal parlance.

Got that?

All right I'll try again.

While promoting album 9, we started work on a video project we called 'Dust, Dusk, Drums, Dawn, Darkness' or '5D' for short, which is our 10th project with 5 songs written and the actual guitar take used in the song filmed on location, the rest of the instrumentation added in studio.

While working on 'Pirouette' the guys turned it into an electric song with a totally different feeling, which led us into the idea of what the next album could be, which led to recording 4 songs, which leads into the 11th album. 

Got that?

Sc9 to 5D (SC10) to SC11.

CD's are disappearing. Video is the new audio. Youtube the new radio. Streaming and voluntary access are the new mechanisms.

I can't think about all of that. We have mixing to do.

Marcus Holden very kindly made some space to come and test out some string ideas for 5D on Friday.

We have no idea if it will work. We're totally OK with testing ideas. This is the fun bit.

'Oh that'll be brilliant'...five minutes later...'uh...err...um.'

To illustrate, let me relay an anecdote from recording 'Downward Bound' with Jeff Cripps at A# studios.

Me: 'Tambo would be good here'

J: "yeah.'

J hands me tambourine, I go into the booth, cue up the track.

M: it goes here.

Roll tape.

I play badly out of time.

Jeff comes in looks at me and takes the tambourine away.

We have scheduled some spontaneity for Friday.

I'll post action on the fly to FB.

Oh yeah. Also gig tonight at Frankies.