thanks to all the folks who joined us at Frankies. Jo came out too. Thanks Lachlan.

Thanks Lee. Good pizza.

I thought I'd be on my own for a studio session today, as I pushed forward to try and get some more work done on 5D.

I was happy to see Mr Wizard and Brother Bill come on in and whittle away at it.

Cheers to Marcus & Ben.

Marcus did the work of a chamber orchestra. The digital age is pretty amazing.

I think that's the last of the instrumentation to add to 5D.

Monte dropped in and nodded off on the couch to the soothing sounds. The 5D pieces are very relaxing indeed.

I'm listening now.

One last track to record, then a little more mixing.

I've saved the first mix of Pirouette (electric version) to hear what Ben has come up with.

A good night, a good day.

Back to listening.