Many thanks to my teacher, Jim Conway, who has very kindly been providing feedback and ideas on the current batch of mixing and my harmonica parts.

I'd be nuts not to take advantage of Jims help and I have been fortunate to take some Master Class lessons over the past month.

My timing needs work, just ask Theo.

Getting a pat on the head for interesting phrasing makes me smile tho'. It's nice to keep learning with my sensei.



While reviewing Harp parts for 'Brave with your heart' and a solo for 'Soul Thing' I've had a chance to run through the 5D-SC10 & SC11 cross over material.

Jim's thoughts turned to Strings in Pirouette (acoustic) and Sail Away, which made sense.

Whereas I'd been thinking along similar lines, Jim knew who to call. We tried, it worked; what next?

We're exploring a local Sydney sound right now in the same way as we explored US sounds over the last three albums. Where better to start than back at the beginning, with local Muso's, local opinions and local musical sensibilities.

There's a term that's been circulating in our ranks for a while now - it's up to us where we explore, not what we find. 

Mr Wizard came in this week with a counter proposal to allay my concerns about the high output level from the crew right now.

'Let's make a double album' he said.

Oh for the love of Mike.