Late night watching Online News. We are witnessing history, no doubt about it.

The 20th century is losing its grip on the future. Here we go.

Meanwhile, in the Stormcellar...

Video wins!

5D video coming along. Looking Alright.

During the development process I'm trying to stay open to ideas and forms and still follow the inner compass that directs whatever it is you are doing. As in your internal sense of 'a little to the right, a little to the left. ah just right'

It's a little like cooking. Everyone adds Salt to Taste. I try not to get too Salty.


I had a technical win with Da Vinci (yay) which allowed me to try a cut of Sail Away. That's broken the jam I was stuck in and I am able to move to the easier pieces.

I'm still having some trouble with exporting it in high enough quality, so some more testing and learning is in order.

Video Fails!


Two sections for 5D are still up in the air and I have to be cool with however that comes out, that's part of the 5D process. Meh. 

1 more clip idea I've been trying for a while looks like it's sputtering out. I'm not exactly bummed. It's evolutionary tree stuff.


My recent lessons have been on how much entropy a system can bear and still remain functional. Turns out: a Lot. 

Evolution's an outcome, not an agency. Ideas are free, writing is cheap, camera hire is expensive, thus in ratio Think:Write:Film.

Working on it.

Oh yeah I sent Pirouette (electric) off for mastering. I dig it a lot. With luck it'll be out soon.