5D at rough cut

Are we there yet? 

Might be there. Depends on where 'there' is. In this case, it may be where-ever we stop.

We're in the position of being able to declare any outcome 'Victory'. I highly recommend said thought structure.

There were two more sequences I was hoping to film this weekend, both of which disintegrated on contact with practicality.

I'm cool with that. Since I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, I just keep on going.


I looked at the existing completed work and decided on a rough cut, and it works.

Judging how much more effort to make and or when to declare victory is a skill I am practising.

There were 4 different approaches to one idea, as 5D has been about layering. I'm not done testing. Right now I have been working with CODEC problems, changing ideas on the filtering and the normal post production of checking sound levels, edits and overall vibe.

I'm both close to finishing and open to additions, or maybe part 2.

I've looked at some multimedia options, layering options, hoo boy, I'm in little button pushing video heaven.


Back from mastering. Here. Listen. Buy it. Yeah you read me right. Buy 'Defiance' whilst you're at it. I wanna go hire more camera gear.  Papa needs some more low light filming action.

 Thoughtfulness of the setlist

 We spent aaaaaages doing set lists this week. Ok, at least 4 hours. 

Totally worth it.

Mr Wizard had a good night, Rosie had a very good night and Brother Bill did some outrageous stuff. I sent them an email noting my appreciation and Theo complained that I didn't include him.

Thanks Theo. You were great too mate. Theo is so right so often we take perfection for granted.

I read Rick's last poem out at the start of the night and I note with some satisfaction that the crowd applauded.

You'll be missed Rick, and everytime I read your work, I marvel at how you saw so much.

I started the night with a little sadness and ended it feeling some strong mojo. Thanks to everyone who came out to join us.

We have two shows in this coming week and I will be buggering around with this video for the next few days, and coming here to ruminate as I work my way through it.