How you doin?

Saturday was a good show. Our recent thoughtfulness in set list construction has returned some good vibes.

Parking in Coogee on a Saturday is still an exercise in patience.

Just as we went into Heavy Weather I had a decent sized Panic Attack. First one I've had mid set for a little while. I did think I may have to run screaming from the room a few times and was surprised to actually get through it alive. That's the way it goes.

Cheers to Matthew who was up the front and spotted the signs, calling out 'hey michael it's gonna be alright'. Well timed sir, very well timed.

I had a conversation with P. afterwards, it's good to be able to talk about this sort of stuff. Sometimes when someone you see is open about it, it helps you to be open about it too.

As these things do, they roll in and out, like the weather, and what's left behind gets on with it. Fortunately the song after was 'hate to see you go' by Little Walter and that's some strong mojo for what ails ya right there, and face it, playing Harmonica is all about breathing, right?

5D Responses and beyond 5D

There is some love for the 5D Project, it's doing what I hoped. There were a few other ideas that didn't make part 1 and I am up for trying them for part 2. Working on it.  

In Search of the source

We're making another pilgrimage to hear sounds from Mr Pete Lowry - Pete turned me on to some stuff and I reckon Mr Wizard and Brother Bill will get a boost out of the ideas. 

Over the last few months there has been continued music swapping and idea swapping inside the band, thanks to the wonders of youtube.

Brother Bill blew my mind the other day when he showed me a clip on Coltrane's Giant Steps that shows Self Relationship, or Fractal relationship in music.

If I understand it, I think Bill just showed me that Melody IS rhythm. I'll share the video here. 

We have a considered list of items we're keen on pursuing, and right now, listening to influences and ideas is top of the list.