Normally, when the blog is quiet, we're busy doing stuff.

Sometimes, it might mean downtime and not much going on.

this is not one of those times.


Sometimes I contradict the first line with the second (sigh).

 Let me try that again: I was expecting some downtime now that we released 5D, a single etc. Not so much.


5D is out, we're in rolling production on SC11...oh hang on...let's try this in segments:


I dig it and would like to keep tweaking it indefinitely. Thank heavens we've had the good sense to not do that.

Yet - 5D part 2 is now at concept stage. 

We had originally intended to use Youtubes multi-stream capability to put 5D up in layers and allow the viewer to select the layer.

That was phased out before we finished initial production.

I had been putting the layers up as hidden links and didn't realise it was still sending the links to our youtube subscribers, oops. Subscription has its benefits I guess.

The first 5D output was a good result, I hope we can take what we learned form that and do some more interesting stuff.

Which brings me to 

Beyond 5D & 5D Sonic Reference CD

If I can get a version of Dinesh's 'Manifesto' together and the Flamenco version of "Brave with your heart' together I am going for it.

That will lead us to Beyond 5D.

A few DJ mates have asked whether we'll release a CD for 5D.  My first thought is to release ALL of it - alternate takes, the instrumental versions, the versions we didn't use in the video. I like all of them in their own way. The stuff that made it to the video was the best total overall vibe for the finished 5D piece.

That would require mastering and a few extra costs so I'm not rushing, and there may be additional work relevant for 5D in the next phase of recording.

More Videos

I'd like to do a video for Pirouette electric, the last idea I had required much googling and reading on green screening and alpha keying. I don't grasp it all enough yet and I have had at least 2 goes at it so far. The words are all on the page, I even understand the words. Maybe it's the order of the words that is confusing me.

Also 10 bit and 8 bit.

I like that it's hard, I like that I don't get it yet, it's good to keep pushing into stuff I don't know.

Seeking Local Influences

There are songs in development and that makes it the right time to get influences in.

We're listening. It's great. Mr Wizard has been out seeing some touring J-bands. Expect a new J-Blog from him soon.

Music is being passed around, discussed and reviewed. Big muso comparisons and discussions ensue.

PL has invited the crew back for another listening session to pilfer from the ideas of the masters. Yep. 

It's a good time to explore where we are.

SC11 in rolling production

Pirouette (electric) is out as a single. There are two more songs in the can, awaiting final vocal, harp solo and mixing.

Right now is a good time to experiment.

To that end, it's worth thinking a little about the individual production processes we have used for each album. Here's just the last 4 projects

5D - Ambient sounds, single take for the guitar, additional elements in the studio over 9 months, everyone involved had to say 'yes' at first invitation.

Defiance - Mid western sound, digital production, high end studio, multi tracked in a single 6 day block, mixed in the US at leisure by AJ

KC Gold - Old school sound, simple production, mixed studios, live tracked with limited overdubs, all in a burst in KC in 5 days and then repented repaired in Sydney.

EFLH - Soundtrack vibe, variations on theme, mixed studios, single take and multi tracked.

SC11's process is Write, Rehearse, Record. The first sessions we did produced Pirouette and two tracks. In the spaces between the sessions, we'll be out seeking new ideas. Expect some random stuff up here as we check out interesting things and seek inspiration.