Considering all the nutso stuff going on right now, it's important to celebrate some great moments in being an Aussie.

In this last week, we voted to keep working towards equal treatment under the law for people who love each other.

yesvote-17 (Custom).jpg

We're Aussies, so yes, we can still stuff it up before we get it right, but we can get it right. Eventually.

Also worth noting, even if Theo's the only one of us who's a mad soccer fan, congratulations to the Socceroos for qualifying for the World Cup.

Australia-20v-20Jordan-2018-20130611205711647186-620x414 (Custom).jpg

It's a Big Footballing Deal. Well done lads. Soccer (or football, to properly term it) is a religion to some.

Australia's 1970's migrant European communities are insane football fanatics. We're still a relatively small country on the world stage, yet we strut our stuff with cocky aplomb, collectively we demand our sporting heroes win against the odds, because, well, we're Aussies and We Fear No Football Team.

Except the All Blacks.

2017_27_all_blacks_new (Custom).jpg

Yes, they play Rugby and they Dance. Now that's scary.

Well done Socceroo's, well done Australian Public At Large for starting the conversation about being cool with Marriage Equality.

Go, you good things.