This is a big deal.

In the US right now, the FCC is about to change the rules that make sure all internet traffic moves at the same speed, that's called 'Net Neutrality'.

Without net neutrality, Telco's, ISP's etc can turn the Internet into the Airline industry - First class travel for anyone with money, nuts to the rest.

In Portugal, ISP's are already offering pricing plans based on which websites you want to access. Great for big names, crap for everyone else. 

That means, instead of coming here to read stuff, you would only be able to see what we wrote on Facebook, or Twitter.

Additionally, unless we pay, the speed could be much slower.

That is not what the internet is about.

Greed seems to overcome logic time and time again, yet you accept what you tolerate.

Access to free speech, access to each other, without the need to pay a toll, is why Net Neutrality is important.


If you're in a position to speak up about these matters, do. If you're in a position to vote, make it an issue.

This is one of those little freedoms that once gone, is hard to get back, it's the freedom to think for yourself.

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