I didn't get the Facebook thing working, trying again.

Looking out the window on the way there and back this weekend made me feel good about appreciating where we live. It takes longer and longer these days to reach the edges of the developed, yet they're still out there, great wide swathes of it.

Ran out of battery charge at various points and the photo's don't give the wonderful depth you see out there on the plains.

Until I get the FB feed wall fixed, here's a few samples - Rosie's B& W shots are awesome

23843534_1483245378459200_6258966477986999636_n (Custom).jpg


23844577_1482343261882745_3522650185470244517_n (Custom).jpg


23915585_1482464248537313_455188767537497496_n (Custom).jpg


23795879_1483350038448734_3183679174313955017_n (Custom).jpg

We cover some distance. It's totally worth it. Every time I look out and see where we live I feel pretty happy about it.

Big thanks to Rosie for all his help this weekend. I had a rough one, could not have made it through without his support.

We had a great night in Dubbo. Thanks to Ryan and Tony, shout outs to Melinda and Sophie, to Christian, to our visitors from Melbourne & Tamworth, and to J. for making the effort to come out after an equally rough day.

We tested out our proposed set for the festival this weekend, learned, we will tweak it a bit. 

Even if I felt a bit under the weather, I can appreciate the very good bits of what we do and i have not yet ceased to be grateful to be able to do it.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, a shout out to 'X' and 'A' who are on deployment: we post these travelling pics for you and for every operator who tunes in here, we keep you in our thoughts.

Rosie on the Radio

Rosie's got an interview with our great friend CB on 2RRR, https://2rrr.org.au/ on Thursday night from 10pm, CB had his pick out of people to interview for this years Sydney Blues Festival and he picked Rosie.

Oh yeah almost forgot this one - we had a very solid set at the last gig, everyone is working hard, the setlist and the little details and thoughtfulness help to make it flow. 

After the show, Christian was very complimentary of Rosie's playing, saying 'I like your guitarist mate, he's the Amish Eddie Van Halen'.

Given both his Current Beard and Everlasting Love (Rosie here ... this might be a slight overstatement! ... now back to regular programming!) of EVH, this was a worthy and well received nod.

Right. back to tech work. This facebook feed isn't going to embed itself.