Great interview, Michael played new stuff cos he has big Huevos.

In an effort to get in on the act, I live tweeted fact checks.

In order to provide the greatest potential for silliness, here are the comments with no context - but first - WAY TO GO ROSIE holy crap dude total way to show new stuff, going live with a brand new one is the business. Bravo sir, well played.

Thanks Colin, great work, thanks for all your support over the years. Colin was first to play our stuff back when he shared a show, years ago.

Right, back to No Context Commentary:

  1. im listening to rosie now. imma fact check
  2.  1. mic fixed. excellent. 2. Hired Guns was the third #1. Read my texts. Of the tweets. Or FACEBOOK!!
  3. Good story bro.
  4. 'production was perfect?' on KCG?
  5. Tell the QANTAS Story! Tell the short version!
  6. screwed by QANTAS in the USA story. nice.
  7. Ron Teamer story. nice. luv ya ron, you're a bro.
  8. Rosies a good intervieweeee
  9. Genesis Story! Backstory! Prequel!
  10. approx 14 musicians
  11. Theo genesis story mentions Dave Tice. Nice. Also: Dutch.
  12. yay! jo!
  13. Cat/Bag/US tour 2018/Out Of. Cheers for the reveal.
  14. Mention Rick's poem!
  15. No that's chase the dragon dude. wrong song
  16. With my cool dry wit I coulda been a cricket commentator
  17. Come over for coffee after you're done.
  18. if you're reading these posts, say 'wigwam' on air!!!
  19. wow colin got an unreleased track. sneaky. did I send it?
  20. unreleased! Colin musta got it from the hidden video list
  21. We used take 4
  22. 2nd time. yes it was the first year. yes. was fitzroy
  23. it IS that Rocky!!!
  24. the song was also written for ya dude, love ya
  25. Yes Bucko & Tif! got married as a result its true!
  26. 'good old day'as, ha ha, it is to laugh ;-)
  27. also on KC gold. was played at Jill Erisman's mums wedding
  28. yes it's the website where I rant even more
  29. Yay! rosies gonna play
  30. New song? Huge eggs man! Bravo
  31. Show off
  32. IHIWI is CBs fave from Defiance? Wow.
  33. Alan Johnson story. cool.
  34. PJ Yinger played flugelhorn on Defiance
  35. Rosie made a radio gag. nice. Guitar-a-laley? dude wtf?
  36. yes now that you've played it ,it will go on an album. guitarelele
  37. thanks colin, well done Rosie, great interview