What a weekend

It is not unknown to us to experience Weather.

Friday night was perfect weather, Brackets have celebrated 20 years of community service. Congrats to John and the Brackets community.

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Sunday was...


24131330_1489745464475858_6880158742697702787_n (Custom).jpg

There were 2 stages, the weather cleared, we started 2 hours later, fun was had by all.

Cheers to all the cellar dwellers who came out to see us for our last scheduled  shows for 2017, Steve, Steve, Rowie, CB, Lindsay, Frank, and then my memory runs out.

To Ezekiel - dude, you are a warrior and your strength is what keeps you going. You keep on doing it right.

Stormcellar Salutes Dave 

On behalf of the crew of the Stormcellar, we extend our Salutations & Approbations to Mr Dave W. for Grace Under Fire.

Managing the wet stage, the rescheduling and on the fly process was a challenge of Demi-Woodstock proportion.

Bravo sir.

Todays weather is gorgeous and I am sure they are going to have a fantastic day.

We listened to some great sounds by local bands. get out and hear them, maybe just bring an umbrella.

Those were our last scheduled shows for 2017, Mr Wizard has the first holiday I think he's had in 10 years (wow) for a few weeks and when he gets back, if we're lucky, we may get another show in before 2018.

Thanks to everyone who got out to see live music this weekend, and to our dear dear friends, and you, dear reader.

You know we like making stuff, we'll still be making stuff over the next little while and as usual, we'll talk about it here.