'Brave with your heart' with vocals is awaiting mastering, 'Soul Thing' is awaiting Vocals & Solo's.

Scheduling has proven...intractable. It's like a big ol Rubiks Cube

Gotta keep turning it until I get the combo right.


Facebook Issues - Also A Solid Up Yours to Ajit Pai and the FCC Stooges for rolling back Net Neutrality

One of the ex FB execs came out and said that FB and similar 'LIKE ME LIKE ME GIVE ME APRPOVAL' sites use Dopamine Feedback Loops, like Pavlov's Social Media.

They knowingly use the same techniques as Poker Machines to reinforce behaviour.

I've been online for a long time and been on a lot of platforms. They've come, they go. I have my opinions on FB. We still use it. I'm still doing marketing with it.

You work with what ya got.

They've pushed me further away tho' - by limiting the visibility of what we post unless we pay for speech.

More of the same is what I expect as a direct consequence of the FCC's shameful Net Neutrality repeal.

Facebook, in order to 'monetise' our relationships makes me Bid in order to reach people who 'like' our page.

People who have decided that they want to talk to me, don't get my message, unless I BID for communication rights.

It's not carriage. It's control.

The counter argument is: Its advertising, it's their site.


Populated with my data.

Supported by the content we create.

No content? No people? No FB.

I recently removed FB from my most visited tabs. It cut down on me checking for approval, for another red sticker, like me, validate me, holy crap what is this high school?

We started the band in 2007, already Veterans of the Early Web. This website started mid 2008. 

2007-2008 was when Facebook, Reddit etc all saw massive increases in traffic. 

I support the argument that 2008 was the birth of the 'Modern' web and I don't think we're done changing yet.

The Web isn't the world, in the same way as the Map is not the Territory, to learn from Alfred Korzybski.

I await further change. I've already changed my behaviour. 

The human mind is still a teenager on the web, but we hope that We Won't Be Fooled Again.

The Voyages of the MG Stormcellar, it's continuing mission to seek out new grooves, explore new sounds...


To do fun things, advance planning is useful.

We had a lovely email from K.inviting us to come to a festival, I'm still working on Beyond 5D, the Gratitude Project and failing happily at videoclips.

This year we've tried a bunch of things that went the way they went. Some worked, some didn't.


Silence on the blog here can mean Downtime or more often it means we're off doing something. We're already into 2018 forward planning. Yikes.

With luck and a tail wind, we might even see some more releases of work before the end of 2017, meanwhile, we're working otwards the next things we find interesting.