When I can't get anything else happening, I can always try making a video.

When I can't make a video, I can always try writing.

When I can't write anything, I can always practice.

When I'm not in the mood for any of them, I can count stuff we've already done.

So I did. 

With a little kludging over my figures, it looks like we've made around 32 specific Music Videos for songs. The 5D project counts as 6 so there's that.

I've got concept scripts for a further 35 songs. At our current production rate of 3.2 per annum, and a output rate of 13 songs per annum, it will take me 10 years to complete the ones I have scripts for,  by which time, all things being equal, we'll have another 130 songs.

At a rate of 3.5 videoclip ideas per 10 songs, this means that we'll then need another 10 years on top of that to finish the next batch.

This maths relies on some assumptions that maybe faulty, however in the context of the new societal/cultural norms of the age in which I write, bending maths to fit one's preferred narrative is perfectly acceptable.

smiley trump face.jpg

Youtube as The New Radio & Yet More of The Attention Wars

Mac has been sending me stuff from Youtube stars. 

I agree with the idea that Youtube is the new radio, that video is the new audio, that orange is the new bl...no hang on.

I've blogged here before about The Attention Wars (LIKE ME!! SUBSCRIBEEE!!!!!! VALIDATE MEEEE!) Oh my stars.

Just this week Facebook announced they are now 'de-prioritising' messages that ask for LIKES!! SUBSCRIBEE!!! 

Makes sense. It's annoying.

How long before Youtube follows suit?

Oops.Too late, they've already been 'demonetizing' (taking away advertising revenue) from Channels or Uploaders who had figured out ways to make money from Youtube that Youtube allowed for a while, but doesn't like now.

Doesn't affect us because we were never using Youtube like that.  

Youtube was only ever a repository for the videos we make. Facebook was (and I say was) a social media tool for engagement. Ditto twitter etc. If we want to say something in particular, we can do it right here.

Between them, they have inadvertently (?) created 10 years worth of LOOK AT MEEEEE culture....which they now want to change.

Because it's annoying.

And they helped make it that way.

Ironic, no?

21gdy2 (Custom).jpg

(EDIT - Unintended Meta Irony - up on the LHS of page - links to subscribe, twitter, FB. That was as much as I was prepared to do and where I once thought it wasnt enough, I now wonder if it's too much. I'm so conflicted.)

This comes to mind whenI think about making the next lot of videos.

We make what we can, when we can, with what we got.

If we were following the 'best practise' of the last 10 years, we would have been Yet Another LOOKATMEEE and that's not what we're into.

We barely send out newsletters. 

Now, as the Web Giants consolidate, they've decided that a more Genteel approach is warranted. Well bully for them, say I.

What do you say, St. Frank?


I agree. Let's concentrate on making stuff rather than begging for attention.