Right so there I was, mid holiday season, trying a few things to get some more videos made because I like making videos.

I've got two version of 'like a stone' thanks to A. but I'm a bit Meh about them. I don't know.

I also had a wonderful moment of video fail when I forgot that areas of the US are under 15 foot of snow and we can't seek external footage over there right now. Oops. My Bad.

EB had to point that out to me.


171226-erie-pa-snowfall-ac-711p_a02976c0f173a4408f8ad47c0cd08c41.nbcnews-fp-1200-800 (Custom).jpg

I forgot because I'm sweltering in Sydney Summer.

It's hot down here.

r0_0_729_410_w1200_h678_fmax (Custom).jpg

I'd swap for the snow tho'.

Ay caramba.

Meanwhile - I'm not the only one who's been thinking of making things. Mr Wizard has the itch. No not that one (pun accidental but amusing). 

We still have songs paused in amber, mid production and, after a month of listening to lots of other music from lots of other people, I've got one of the new songs turning around in my head, looking for a way out. A good feeling.

We also have a chance to do a few more items for the 5D Project, not sure what to call it , 'Beyond 5D' (6D? 5E?). With a little luck, January could see a few releases.

Yes we're looking forward to 2018, yes 2017 has been a bumpy ride worldwide, yet I've got some love for 2017.

This has been 10 years in the stormcellar. 10 good years.

I wasn't intending to get all reflective in this post, maybe I'll do it in detailed last-post-for-the-year. I'm ok with repeating the good stuff.

This downtime since we shifted the US tour has been important. It has been personally rough for several of your friends in the stormcellar; we've lost family and friends this year, we've taken some hits.

2017 was another year of being there for one another. That counts. A lot. Helped me get through it.

We've released an album, made videos, travelled to places and played music together. We've been into the studio.

We've told the same stories over and over to one another. Rosie's endured Yet Another Bonnie Raitt Track as we drive (god i love that woman).


Yeah I'm getting all reflective so, enough. I'll post with a little more forethought for NYE. 

I'm going to look at the footage Ajay sent me one more time, maybe I can find a way to make it work, and there's still 24 hours before 2018 here.