When you’re somewhere you want to be, it’s easy to stay there.

Of course, we use the term ‘stormcellar’ in a speculative manner. A mental redoubt. An ongoing process. Writing and making stuff now; now.

None of us emerge fully clothed in language. We speak in tongues acquired. Learning to say what you mean, learning what it is you mean when you say it, are layers beyond.

I’ve wondered aloud whether musicians and other semi professional dreamers are some kind of representation of the unconscious shared elements of the Zeitgeist.

Mr Wizard said if anyone knew what we talk about in here they’d wonder. I have a whiteboard. Have I told you about the benefits of time share?

Time has been our ally, as it is allied to the tree who puts down roots and grows into bloom. Time is in the fabric of what we are, the wave we ride, the water that carries us. To be aware of it is to allow yourself the joy of the journey.

10 Years.

We mourn Rosie's dad, Paul's mum, Theo's wife, Lisa's husband.

We celebrate Bucko's wedding. Sam's recovery.

We think, with gratitude, of all the people who have joined in with us in making things.

We think of friends and family overseas.

From where we sit, we look back with gratitude, forward with hope and around us with love.

Wherever you may be, dear reader, we, I, all of us, commend the fortitude that saw you make it through 2017 and wish you the all the kindness we hope for 2018.