As the stars/planets align, we get to go back into the studio on Monday

Late last year we were into SC10/11, running two different simultaneous development paths.

Because we can. And it's fun.

Which ever one comes out first will be SC10 :-)

Woot - a positive phone call interruption - Marina and her flamenco friends are down with trying a version of Brave With Your Heart.

Yep. It's Beyond 5D.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Monday. Studio. Adding another idea to the existing version of BWYH, more percussion, new ideas for new stuff.

A good start to 2018. When we can, we'll move into finishing the preserved-in-amber-tracks from last year (Lay Your Loving Down, Soul Thing). 

Also we've got 2 shows next week.

You know what we could do with?

Some new songs.