Ding Dong the CD's Dead, it's been in the bin for years.

Along with 

My Cd Walkman

My old cassettes

Dad's old 8 track

and 1/2 inch'

and wax cylinders

and clay pots and


How's it hanging Gilgamesh?


Here in the Stormcellar Experimental Thought bunker we read words what got wrote on the big electronic wall.

CD's on consignment at Target.

Ah the passing of formats.

Farewell Mr Floppy.


Those born into the digital age with ubiquitous WIFI will ask 'WTF is with those people hanging on to formats'.


there's no signal.


I note with amusement, that 'vinyl' will be guaranteed shelf space for two more years.

Heh. I love too many people who love vinyl to be too snarky, but I will give a wry smile at the Vinylista out there going YEAH I TOLD YOU WE'D OUTLAST CD'S.

I love digital.

Love it love it love it. It's easy. It's fast. It's got flaws you can festishise about later when it's replaced by QUASI DIMENSIONAL UNDERFLUN...yeah you get it.

Plus ca change, plus ca meme.

Music. Been with us for some time. Will be with us a while longer. Formats will change. Formats influence music.

The digital age is a new frontier. How long is an album. What is an album. Does it have a point? Is there such a thing?

Is any collection of songs in any format an album?

Who knows.

Anyway, Video is the new audio.