Meanwhile in the Cellar

Four hours of changing the key, merging ideas and deciding that we're not sure if this works.

Good times.

Mr Wizard challenged me to come up with something better than La la la (14 of them. I counted). Challenge accepted.Words. So many choices.


For reasons less important than the thought, I'm reminded we're still at war and have been for 16 years.

Roscoe's Boogie is now 10 years old as a song. We've been at war all that time.

When we wrote it I figured it would be relevant a few years, then an artefact.

ye gods.


I heard a good sentence today. We could do with some peace.

Calling Cellar Dwellers 

The current project is all about local influences. I've put the word out. Recording sessions are happening. Ask your local cellar feller and come along to a session.