A good two solid days of work last week.

Thanks to John and Peter for taking part in the Local Influences concept.

We're influenced by what, by who, is around us.

Look out for the next invite.

Actuality in Void

Brother Bill has been swapping reading material with me, which has led to some terrific deep think. Brother Bill switches on to stuff at a scary rate. 

We're dealing with some Sun Tzu action right now. Void and Actuality.

Uh oh. I feel soapbox happening. Nope.

So yeah. 

Doing things is actuality. In a time of void, it's the right thing to be doing.

Happy Chinese New Year! Us Southern Barbarians are paying thoughtful attention.

100 years of Silence

I have been listening to some conversations within the Tribe of Sydney musicians.

Let me lay it out for you: in the 1980's, Oz and Sydney had a massive music scene. It dominated the planet.

Amongst the Blues/Roots players there was a rich tapestry of venues and bands. 

As the world changed, as the digital age emerged, as other factors, such as societal changes in attitudes towards Drinking, 

No Drinking.

Less Revenue.

Less bands.

Audiences who don't dig cover charges.

Who are struggling to make rent in Sydney as she eats her own.

Ouch huh?

Last week the BFS hotel decided to not open Mon-Wed, thus wiping out one of the last Jam nights in Sydney. Ouch.

It's merely evolution, as the city sheds it's skin. Plus ca Change, eh?

I've heard some stories. The phrase 'lowest point in music in 100 years' comes to mind.

Ironic that we're feeling so positive huh?


I was doing some research into Large Group Awareness Training, specifically the dangers of those who use the natural inclination of humans to believe in things.

When I consider the stories from the Tribe Of Musicians and hear of venues who prey upon their Belief, I shake my head.

It's the natural order of things to change.

Music is part of our species. It's not going anywhere.

It may be that Venues and Musicians have parallel but diverging interests. Music may go with a beer, but not with Chicken Parma and a bustling bistro.

It may be that Digital Media, Games, Electronic Instruments, these are the way forward. Who wants to invest so many hours in the skills of guitar? 

The scuttlebutt of Gibson's demise comes to mind. Yet as Twain said, 'reports of demise greatly exaggerated'

We set a minimum of being able to do a good job.

For places where there is no longer any economic basis for it to occur, that's not possible unless subsidised by the musicians, either through forgoing survivable pay rates or by doing a low cost production.

I theorise that not being able to pay for a soundo reduces the quality of the show. It's not even about the labour, it's about having another brain there to make the sound situation work. Band can't do it from behind the mic's. I mean, sure, they can try, yet that's adding another layer of stress to the folks trying to play you the music. Running your own PA has been along mainstay of the Aussie Bar Band. It's a classic form. 

Maybe these are merely descriptive moments, leading to no conclusion.

Maybe silence is the sound of the ecosystem resetting.

We're busy making things.

More this week.