It took me 3 months to get the crew together to vote on their next voyages. These are factors in a self managing system. 

Something must be working, 10 years on we still enjoy one another's company.

After a review, the crew voted to remain at anchor in Sydney Cove for the time being, I get it.

2017 was a rough year; you know it has been a heck of a year when it takes 18 months to get over the previous 12.

Preserving the union, in our sense, has been a guiding principle.

After four years on campaign and the effort of the cancelled fifth last year, I am careful to observe the effect on us all.

It's a years worth of work for each tour, it's worth it. Collective work. In that time we have continued to do live shows and record. 

Casting an eye back across the albums so far, it's easy to see that Geomancy has been a factor, all the way back to location recordings for spacejunk.

Over the Midwest Triptych we followed the sounds. Being there changed what we made. What we wrote. What we learned. Everywhere feels like home, Kansas City Gold leading to Defiance.

On our return the the guys went internal with the 5D project.

Rosie said the current crop feels as if we're continuing in a Sydney Canon, a tradition. It sounds like here.

Mr Wizard says he listening to nothing but old school, yet he's writing some out there stuff too.

Reading these signs it tells me that where we are, is the best where to be, to do this work.

In light of that, we're postponing our 5th US tour to 2019.  We'll miss all of our friends over there, and we'll continue to monitor the very turbulent times they tread.