First to discover that they're truly free has the most fun.

I have been enjoying the very excellent Game Of Bands competitions on Reddit.

The recent Dungeons & Dragons round really appealed, so I thought I thought I'd have another go.

Little did I know it'd produce one of the silliest things I've ever been involved with. I love it to bits.

I played it at the band meeting yesterday. Pretty much everyone thinks I have totally lost it.

Massive thanks to /u/Agitat0r and /u/vladimirdlc.

You ought to have seen Mr Wizard's face when I played this one. Heh.

Musically this is fascinating - it's a mix of Nerd humour, Dungeons & Dragons, Voice Acting, Sega Outrun inspired/ Chip tune music, some Norwegian and Quebec Vibes, some Gary Gygax and vocals that sound like I'm Cher, along with a little Dinosaur Jr and just a touch of German Sparkle Party. Also maybe a little Dead Eyes Open by Severed Heads. Oh yeah.

That's it. Next stop EUROVISION!!! Full props to Agitat0r for some quite remarkable music, arrangement and editing.