Well that went quick. After our most recent band meeting the dam burst and a flood of stuff is on. Flood and fire.

We're going to try a number of different things this year. Some will work. Some will not. We'll be happy as we move from idea to idea.

Today saw a practical day where we examined the time we have available and the logistics, time and thought needed to get any given idea out.

We serve, above all, practicality. It's a blessed approach.

Jo came up with a project title for her project. 

Oh yeah I didn't mention we're doing a Jo project because I'm still a non-jinxy type. Sometimes it's better to make the attempt in silence, lest the gods hear we have come to steal fire.

As a result of re-attuning our aims for the year, all sorts of stuff has come unlocked.

Working on the Beyond 5D project, SC10 and SC11, we officially launched the Dark Skies Project this afternoon by which time Brother Bill sent me 3 new songs for the project.

Fire underground. 

This year is about Actuality in Void. Yeah get Chinese with me. 

We will be doing things. We will be asking Cellar Dwellers to be with us while we do it. I have a list of what we'd like to try. Today Mr Wizard and I started locking in the dates and schedules. A good feeling.

To maintain the appropriate deference to chance, I'll keep shtuhm more often than the marketing department would prefer, yet we'll be making attempts.

To borrow from Tennessee Williams, make voyages, attempt them, there is nothing else.

We will sail upon on the inland sea.

492125-desert-landscape-Dead_Sea-748x499 (Custom).jpg