There's a great joy in solving the basic problems. The solutions themselves are often as much fun as the underlying objective.

Working out how to do the writing part of Jo's project leads to consideration of the logistics of managing the trip to the bush or from the bush to the city.

Of course, Jo wouldn't agree that she's in the Bush. Those who live in the Bush consider themselves to be living in the country.

Those living in the suburbs still think of themselves as living in the city.

What do people in the bush think of themselves living in?

One in the bush is worth two in the country?

These are questions I am determined to answer. Someone's got to.

Managing the Social

I've been highly suspicious of social media for some time. I remain suspicious.

It yields not to my understanding and I cannot apply electricity to the people who operate these entities in a way that would produce, if not truth, then an amusing shriek.



We have some down time with shifted plans.

The 1800 Hours

I did some math. That's the time investment in touring, prep, etc. There's a few things we could also do with that time.

That includes stripping out and rebuilding some web stuff and redoing our social media stuff. Yet why?

I'm 'meant' to. Why?

Listening in a time of Talking

More material is uploaded to youtube than the human species has time to watch.

The world has gained a megaphone, we shout over one another. We seek approval in checks and ticks on screen, rather than in our own satisfaction.

It's faster. It's encouraged by those who feed upon it.

Yet we're more than simply ego.

We'd miss the preen, we'd miss the peacock. Why not revel in the foibles of our species. 

Still, we're more than that.

Over time, as we know we want to love and be loved, we'll listen more and shout less. I guess I'm speaking for myself, contradicting even the thought by, well, speaking.

I'm reveling in these foibles.

I'll also be buggering around with the social media stuff and going why the heck am I doing this.

This wonderful messy mystery.