A passing observation was that we haven't made any motion towards writing something for the current topics of discussion.

I feel like it's impolite to speak whilst the Parkland students are talking; they have the talking stick right now.


It also dawns on me to think of other tragedies not in the headlines. Being too aware is a little too painful. Music is Sunglasses for the soul.

As interpreter for the bottom of the icebergs, I try to work out what the music is about. 

In a synaesthesia sense, when I hear what the guys are writing, i get a sense of emotion. it's what guides me towards the rest of the song.

Trying to understand it is more worthwhile than trying to super impose my own views on it, although that's something I do consciously and simulconsciously (take that thesaurus! my blog, i'll invent words to suit).

I have this theory - here goes.

The musicians get a sense of the world around them, it's what comes out in the music. Supporting that is a good thing.

If, by interacting with it, we change things, then I've made a fairly conscious choice to focus on the inner, here.

Conceptually, the stormcellar is a place of safety.

Right now I'm listening to a beautiful new piece Bill wrote. It suits me, to hear it, looped on play. What does it mean. what did he mean? what was he feeling? what is it about? what's in it?

These are the things we're going to talk about here, right now. the signals we'll be multicasting.

We acknowledge all the craziness portrayed in the outside world. We can only offer such assistance as taking your mind off it can provide. Watch for the signal. It's on the other side of the noise.