Every now and again you're reminded about the pirate nature lurking beneath the Sydneysider.

I've kept quiet counsel over the course of the years, hoisting the black flag as required.

We pride ourselves in being polite, professional and harmless.

The music business has its fair share of rogues and scallywags and we have a soft spot in our hearts for hustlers and chancers. God bless. 

Like the echidna we wander the forest eating tasty tasty ants and grubs.

And like the echidna, those who take a bite may get a whole lot more Prick than anticipated. 


What may be more alarming is the sheer glee I feel when opportunity to stand up for our rights presents itself.

It's empowering. Cry Havoc and write a polite letter. Post a non-defamatory blog item.

Bring forth the casket wherein lies the jolly roger, the wind rises and the seas with it. I feel their call.