On the music front, brilliant.

On the live streaming front? Mucho Fail.

As a result I didn't get as much video as I had hoped at all (yarg)

What I did get I'll post.

What an amazing day. Did get some streaming out to FB. A bit meh. Tried to youtube. Eh.

Twitch? Fail.

5-6 apps? Fail. 

I'm really glad I got the testing done, and I guess there's nothing like real world testing to show that the best laid plans of OH MY GOD WORK YOU BLOODY PROGRAM....ummm..


Rut/Jono/Jesus/Ben, muchas gracias. Who knew Ben is fluent AF in Spanish?

We tracked 3 songs for SC11 plus got 2 versions of Brave With Your Heart.

Cheers to CB for joining us for the Local Influences project.

Oh we did a gig last night too didn't we?

Yeah. I guess I'll write about in a bit.