Thanks to Ben's hard work, and the strange outcomes of just getting on with it, we're at 13 tracks for SC10 and 12 for SC11.

This is 'in production', so there's many a slip twixt cup and disc, to mangle an aphorism.

Without any real sense of travelling, we've reached another milestone.

I spent some time putting all the tracks into one listening bucket. two very different sets of sounds.

In production terms there are several months worth of elapsed time to be expected before we can get it finished.

5D is now 5D + Beyond 5D. Needs some edits, some fixes and tweaks, mixing, ordering, mastering.

SC11 is now up to 12 out a target 13 (yeah dig it. 11 12 13. Cool).

I now have desk mixes for 13 and 12 tracks respectively. I have them in VLC in 2 play lists.

Mr Wizard wants to release it as a double.

Freedom's what you do with it.

Me? I gotta do artwork.

Also picking names for the releases would be good.