Sooo....I put the Desk Mixes into an order.

We've got 26 tracks. ( track is still a guide)

At our preferred 13 an album, that's 2 albums.

SC10 is tracked. It needs a little mixing and mastering.

SC11 needs 1 more track from Brother Bill recorded. For the other 12 it's overdubs, Lyrics (OMG), solo's and assorted other stuff.

The plan is: 

Finish SC10 and release it. Also name it.

Finish SC11 and release it. It has a working title.

Release the two of them as a single CD package.

It's even got a name.

What's peculiar is that we haven't cleared the song backlog, there are still more waiting to be recorded.

If there's ever been a better time for those who like to make stuff, I'm not aware of it :-)

Road trip this weekend, listening to the song order. Thinking of what to fix, to change, to add.

Good times.