How can we be helpful? How can we assist, how can we do anything.

How do we deal with feelings of powerlessness?

Our first duty is non cooperation with evil.

Here, deep in the safety of the stormcellar, we're focusing on giving you a mental respite from the maelstrom.

I think that's something we can do. I think we can show you a small pocket universe, somewhere in the ordinary bits of Oz, where we dodge wildlife, travel, write, work.

There comes a point though, where even as we try to provide that respite, that we understand that we cannot enable evil by staying silent.

We wish our cousins in the US the very best of fortune; we as Aussies, friends and members of the human species, we deeply hope that the Better Angels of your natures will prevail.

Won't be the first time I've said this:

Get well soon Superman, we need you as you were, as the example you've been, and if you've forgotten, try to see yourself the way that we do, still heroic, still inspirational, aspirational.

We need you to be that version of you, the one we want to be, that we criticise and secretly admire, that we emulate, both consciously and unconsciously.

The world needs you as you were and can be again. Get well Superman. 

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