Back from a quick run to the foot of the Snowys. Cheers Dinesh. Cheers Gary. Heya Lindsay. Thanks Carlo. Thanks Sue.

I'm still working on a live update option for the website, my work on integrating the sites was hamstrung by recent issues with FB.

I have many nice things to say about this weekends run. I need a little downtime tho'.

Here's what we saw out the window.

30697616_1621961877920882_3635350663971471360_n (Custom).jpg


30712463_1622878044495932_5585371090298863616_n (Custom).jpg

30741991_1622869634496773_1218034011973091328_n (Custom).jpg

30706477_1621964207920649_2745026706837340160_n (Custom).jpg

30709814_1622878134495923_3523968821817769984_n (Custom).jpg

30708550_1622043184579418_165012690756960256_n (Custom).jpg