A good day well spent. Our great thanks to Ben. 

We got copies of all the current stuff for SC10 together, did another mix of BWYH (ye gods), fixed and over dubbed harp, fixed and added guitar and did 4 vocals.

The vocals may not be final takes, we're still trying ideas.

Yesterday we paid a visit to Sensei JC to seek influence. Bill took some notes and is now preparing some additional layers, which means a little more time in overdubs for SC10.

Time is with us on this mission, we're ok with letting this sit for a while and then returning to it .

We're close, but there's no hurry.

happy-sloth-29410336 (Custom).png

Well...maybe not sloth speed but maybe a few more weeks than I planned.

SC11 moved forward again as I tried some outlandish ideas. I may have lost it laughing a few times when I got confused about the lyrics.

My temptation to sing some Muppets Sounds was not met with favour by Mr Wizard (awww).

Ma Na Ma No.


On the plus side, we made some efforts towards doing a Japanese Rock version of one of the new songs.

Knowing Mr Wizard's massive Otaku J-Rock Fan and thinking about all the videos he's shown me over the years, we've started looking for a J-Rock singer to have a crack at one of the new songs.

img_bandmaid_MCM_20160527_101 (Custom).jpg

Could be good. Experiments continue.