Sydney on a Sunday. A good evening with the Sydney Blues Society.

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Happy Birthday Sue.

Hugo P asked me why I said Happy Birthday to him, when his birthday is later in May.

Rather than admitting to my total error, I pointed out we wouldn't be there later in May. I think I got away with it.

The Annandale is much changed. Maybe the SBS moving the Jam there will help to renew what was once the most active Indie music hotspot in town. We can hope.

Writing Sessions

With P&T away for a month, Rosie and Brother Bill have stepped up to the plate for the next writing session for the Dark Skies project. First session this week. Stay tuned.

Bush Poets

Speaking of the Dark Skies project, the Australian Bush Poets society has hooked me up with some local area poets. I'm a fan of Bush Poetry, we've been messing around with it for years. Smiley face here.

I'm taking a couple of quiet days and then we'll be back into scheduling the next lot of work. Yay.