Apparently the pause is as important as the action, thank you Yoga Yoda.

I couldn't get any tracking organised this week, instead, Ben's off to do a review of SC10 and commencing a mix.

As far as I can see, here's where we are at:

SC10 - Safe Harbour

1 additional element to track, a new second part of the Dawn piece by Rosie. He's come up with a name for it (both halves) but no naming until I see some additional recording. Yeah that's right.

Reviewing Brave With Your Heart parts 1-4. This isn't the first time we've explored themes within one song. JC thought the Dome/Guitar version was Boring, Bill agreed and added a melodic element.

We also tried some Banjo for BYWH, hmm, not sure we got it. Ditto with the Kockle.

Other than that, we're in mixing.

SC11 - Rogue State

One in a million, Minor Miracle are in lyrical consideration.

I'm not committed to the current vocal takes vocals on at least one or two other songs.

Jo has to do her bits and I'd like to hear her do another chorus on Soul Thing.

Guitar overdubs. Solos. Rhythm elements. 

Additional instrumentation.

Additional guests. a quick glance, based on our current speed, that's a few elapsed weeks in tracking alone.

Plus mixing, mastering. Yeah there's still a fair amount to do.