I had a chat with a bloke once, seemed to think I'm in charge of some band. Oops.

You know that thing where something's so wrong it's not even wrong? 

Unlike that actual conversation, where much passed through my mind and little left my lips, here, in the freedom of the margins of our experimental notebook, I can touch on some of the concepts that patient observation over a decade has yielded.

The Band Dynamic.

Control is an illusion :-)


I've used the phrase 'The Erratic in search of the Ecstatic'.

10 years in, I am proud to be part of a messy, irrational, Piratical human endeavour.

We're self assembling furniture that made other choices.

i.chzbgr (Custom).jpg

I like the mix of reasonable approaches and bat-shit lunacy. To paraphrase Hunter S Thompson, I wouldn't recommend Randomness and Structure in constant interaction, but it's worked for me.

To borrow further: When the going gets weird, the Weird franchise.


I'm down.

img_2849-e1446840380731 (Custom).jpg

I sit on the beach, whittling a twig. while the band cavorts in the jungles, naked, in search of rum and coconuts.

This seems somehow, fitting.

As they drift back to the beach, there's a fire built and I have marshmallows.

Slow Album Movements.

Bah. I'm just snarky cos I couldn't get any more album stuff done this week. That happens.

Research and Stuff

Big ups to Gray R. for yet more tech talk. I've been reluctant to go into too much tech detail for fear of becoming a Tone Quester Of the Middle Ages.

Let's just say I have been reading a lot. Then comes testing. and blogging about it.

Hmm. More to follow.