Don't let anyone tell you that this is easy. If it is for them, then give them a hearty handshake and my number.

Coordination can be quite the challenge.

SC10 is entering the home stretch now after...15 months?

Of course in that time we've also moved SC11 to 70% completion.

Nonetheless, it has required some herding of cats, even to the point where the most patient of folks could be excused for suddenly finding themselves speaking with a Glaswegian Accent. Eh Billy?


Maybe it's just the end bit that needs the extra push. Maybe we're more ambitious, we're asking more, pushing harder.

Maybe I need a cup of tea, a Bex and a lie down.


With luck, we'll be listening to Mixes by next week.

From there, it's Tweak, Master, Release.

Of course, there are still two elements that may/may not be tracked within the time frame.

Why is there a time frame?

Because otherwise everything would happen at once, Grasshopper.

time-at-once (Custom).jpg