Mr Lynch said to me today: No failures = No Trying.

He knows where it's at.

Once again, I find myself among people who I admire. Big Brains out there thinking Well Reasoned Thoughts.

First Listening Mixes for SC10

They're in, they're well crafted.

The process is to share, review and tweak.

I'm jumping the queue to get a few Producers Choices made before we do a formal listen.

Two potential elements remain as yet uncaptured. I'm not sure what the chances are of getting them done.

I'll be heading into the studio on Tuesday to make some initial tweaks, then we collectively listen again, make notes and then finalise the mix. Then Mastering. Then...well...

I guess that depends on...

Production on SC11 continues

I'm stuck on two production items at present.

gordian (Custom).jpg

Ok make that three.

Maybe four.

Except for that other one, that may have worked itself out.

I'm not sure.

There is a certain temptation to Nuke The Gordian Knot From Orbit

1275681680230 (Custom).jpg

I looked for the button that does that but I don't seem to have one on my console.

Tide comes in, tide goes out.


I think of the wise things said to me by wiser minds than mine:

no fail = no try.