Yay. Big ups to Ben.

13 Tracks and an Order.

Listening to how the songs come together is wonderful fun.

Sometimes the difference between unmixed and mixed is the difference between Batter and Cake.



I can hear Theo telling me now 'This is not an album, you are doing 5 versions of one song again! '


Hmm...maybe he's right. Maybe it's not art.

Yes it bloody is, Theo.


SC10 will be out as a digital collection as a stand alone album, but will only be pressed as part of the Rogue State/Safe Harbour package.

Yeah that's right. So if you want it on CD you're gonna have to wait until we finish SC11.

Well...you're gonna have to wait a bit anyway. SC 10 (Safe Harbour) has to pass final mixing, then we have to schedule mastering.


Nice one Ben.

Some choice sounds on this.

Them what likes this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.

Them what wants another raucous album's gonna have ta wait a month or two for Rogue State.

I'm listening for review purposes.

Crikey this stuff sounds good from an audiophile perspective, all the atmosphere recordings are wow, and Lynchy's sonic clarity on his field recording is a knock out. All the birds and so forth.

Remember, we try to do an experimental concept between each 'studio' album. Well, this experiment is almost complete.



No, you can't hear it yet. You have to wait. It's all MINE MINE MINE!!!