Full marks to the Gentlemen for Road Warrior tasking this weekend.

(sigh) Look at me.  I slip comfortably into the argot of a life lived during war time. Our trips are 'missions'. 

I've been corresponding with Friend of the Band 'Roscoe' who is in parts unsurveilled, doing things. Things that we continue asking of him and others.

So long at war. In a gig economy, in a war at world with itself.

The Stormcellar is a place of safety. We know you're out there, surviving. 

Because we know that, we focus, here, on the mundane items that make up a musical endeavour.

So we continue our mission.

There's a simple joy in the task well completed.

Bill's work with Mr Wizard has paid off. Mr Wizard has adjusted his chain.

IMG_6647 (Custom).jpeg

Happy Birthday to Cookie and Cheers the folks at the Stag in Newcastle. 

 IMG_6646 (Custom).jpeg

Miss Jo joined us this weekend. With her foot still in a boot after her ankle injury!

IMG_6648 (Custom).jpeg

 I love this sticker. Yeti Calzone. Brilliant.

 IMG_6651 (Custom).jpeg

Thanks to our friends out in Windsor, another good afternoon. 

The Meat Raffle Gods Smiled upon the band.

IMG_6652 (Custom).jpeg

We adjusted the setlist a while ago and favoured Mr Wizards preference for fast and loud for the first set, it's pushing my vocal chords so on Sunday we started differently which threw out a carefully worked out structure, I am grateful to the guys for adjusting on the fly. 

As new songs come in and out of the set it mutates anyway, time for another adjustment.

One of the new songs, "I wanna Be Your Girl is an unexpected fun moment which I may have described as Blue Cheese. For Ranch Dressing fans you know what I mean. I think.

I was also very pleased to acknowledge D. who visited.

As someone who has benefited from help to manage Panic Attacks and other fun things, as someone who is intimately aware of PTSD and Mental Health, I say:

Never be afraid to ask for help.

It helps.

IMG_6642 (Custom).jpeg


In addition to the shows, we did some recording this week as I make a last push to get bits for Safe Harbour.

I headed into Marina's CBD studio for some Spanish hand Claps

IMG_6643 (Custom).jpeg

Our revered sensei tested some ideas out for Harp.

IMG_6645 (Custom).jpeg

and lastly, but not least., I want to say Thank you to my beloved Plantronics Dolby Surround Headphones.

Despite being made from brittle plastic they made a great noise.

May have loved these to death.

 IMG_6653 (Custom).jpeg