It's sometimes a feeling of surprise to get to the end of a mix.

After 18 months of...of....whatever the heck it is we do, we're now up to 'done'.

The tipping point.

Any more is less.


How far your eyes may pierce I cannot tell.
Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well.
Thus I moved it forward towards mastering with Mr L. 
I was trying to find language to explain that SC10 and 11 are different albums, but part of the yin yang kind of thing . 
So not a Double, yet related. Like the triptych...but...a...two. A diptych.

Oh dear.

and then Mr L had it.

A companion album.


He's a genius.

Safe Harbour and Rogue State (album 10 and 11 respectively) are...COMPANION ALBUMS!

The marketing department thanks you.