Waiting on SC10 mastering, are we there yet?


Next week. No hurry. Plenty of other stuff to do.

I've done some artwork and I'm not satisfied with it yet. Oh well.

The video we did  of the Flamenco dancing last Friday did not pass inspection. Marina and Aitor want to re-shoot the sequence.


The stuff I did with Sensei JC also didn't fly. 

Two attempts, came up with nothing that we liked.

Ok (part 2).

Mr L was very kind in talking about this stuff recently, he views it as 'more failures means more attempts' and sees all these elements as positive.

God bless his cotton socks. We plant a lot of seeds, we water it and we hope they grow :-)


YAY! Tracking for SC11 continues this Saturday. I would asked to make it a Local Influences session but I wanna give Rosie some quiet focus time cos that's how he likes to work.

With some luck, we'll push to schedule the last tracking and the additional guests.

Back to artwork.