It took a whiteboard, several pens, Cake (Happy Birthday Theo) and PA to get our work done on Sunday.

36464604_1707733469343722_6038672637482237952_n (Custom).jpg

We reviewed the current tracks from SC11 and I am now in the process of scheduling the last tracking sessions for it, starting with some Guitars this coming weekend.

I am still on the hunt for a choir. Apply within ;-)

SC10 is now in mastering, may be back this week. I guess having completed artwork wouldn't hurt.

I am thinking of doing a very limited run of SC10 as a stand alone CD. Hmmm....

Bill organised a PA from D. so we could get ready for our next project. It was good to run some songs from The Vault, must be at least a few years since we did Half Man Cow live.

After what seems like a struggle to get things organised over the last few months, circumstances have aligned to provide better weather for our next batch of tasks. We like being busy, it's good to be busy, we're busy.

Stay tuned more stuff shortly.