A week in the stormcellar passes like nothing at all.

A big shout out to R. who is back from his most recent tour of duty.

I'm editing some footage from today's visit to P.U.G but that's for later. Stay tuned


36734401_1717388531711549_760135574177710080_n (Custom).jpg

Rosie, Mr Wizard and Brother Bill went into the studio for guitar overdubs.

Now everything has jangly guitar on it. Mr Wizards says that what I get for not turning up to a recording session.

Harmonica Players unite. If we don't keep a sharp eye on our liberties, the Guitars will overrun the place like tribbles.

NOT YOU TOO SPOCK??? Noooooooo

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For the Weather Permitting tour we're back to some folksy roots.

An Afternoon spent rehearsing some of the stuff we haven't played in a few years, was an afternoon well spent.

IMG_6709 (Custom).jpeg

I grabbed a moment of footage from Bill & Rosie.



I did a production matrix

No not that matrix


No not this one either

Apr2014MatrixBass2-600x800 (Custom).jpg

But that is a cool photo and who doesn't like Keanu eh? eh?

No I meant the list of Last Stuff to finish for SC11


Yeah that Matrix.

That's roughly 20 more known elements.

Plus or minus some Unknowns, Randoms and Guests.

ooh! I might have had some luck with a Choir.

I am not even up to scheduling stuff for this week yet. Oh heavens.

We shall wait and see what the weather brings in the next day or so.

More shortly. Video to follow from todays adventure.