In a way we're continuing a tradition that goes back ancient times, where Musicians would perform at market fairs.


DSC_0389 (Custom).jpg

Playing music in the sun at Fox Studios the other day was great. I got spices.

We had so many kids dancing, it would have made a great photo - yeah. Taking photos of other peoples children. Maybe not a great idea.


Thank you Jack. I now have a lot of 5c pieces.

We had some full on wiggles action going. Must have been half a dozen kids dancing away. 

6fa8436b0b71bab55219ad671c7e1964f5f9b091 (Custom).jpg

Damn that picture is unnerving.

Not our first time in Wiggle Land. We played the night after them at Acer (allphones?) Arena. Long story. Somewhere here on the blog.

So yes. There was even a kid who totally chucked a throw-myself-on-the-ground-refuse-to-move moment.

And they kept giving us their pocket money.


Now if only we could persuade their parents to increase pocket money.

Big ups to Bill for 100% organisation. Bravo.


Recording This Week

1 more SC11 session.

SC10 still in mastering

No rush. just bringing the release of the companion albums close together.

Advertising Platform Fail #1

I have to adjust our pricing. Or re do our marketing material. Add more Weasel Marketing Speak.

We need to leverage our confluence objectives into an integrated crypto-block chain lifestyle management app.

I'm sure this Advertising Supported model will work out fairly, right Youtube/Google/Spotify? Right?

Sydney Identity Project

Guess it's time to start that. Pre production happening.

Bowral Markets

Yeah. Early. Saturday. Weather Permitting Tour continues, looks like forecast is perfect.

Meanwhile (part 2)

I am off to make a GOLD COVERED CD. YES ITS MADE FROM gold!

That's it, we want in to the 1%. The Gilded Age.