Some days are more intensive than others. Today was one of those days. 

I've been working on lyrics for Bill's song. I liked the song sans-lyrics, but what do I know.

Ok. No problems.

Got there.

Forgot to print.

Wrote'em out as quickly as I could.

Benefit of "finishing" them an hour before we started. Note: 'finishing' is almost always an optimistic concept.

37088867_1725861450864257_6426610627870982144_n (Custom).jpg

This has been a solid 18 months between the two albums. I think. Ok close enough. Pretty much from our return from the last US tour when we launched into 5D, into Pirouette, leading to Pirouette (Electric Version) showing the way to SC11.

While that was happening, 5D went into Beyond 5D, becoming SC10, Safe Harbour.

As we get to the last tracking, we're finishing the thought that has run through the whole project.

Kind of felt like we crested the hill. 

This has not been without its perils. Not every idea works.

Still, today's work saw two of the last tracks start to come together, to make sense.

Marcus joined us again on strings, linking SC10/11 sonically. Nice touch.

Also, Marcus made sense out of two important sections. Nice. 


As these items started to come together, Mr Wizard remembered the core thought from almost 18 months ago, Rough Lush.There ya go.

There are still plenty of things to fix; the plumbing, the bunker, installation of the centrifuge and the vending machine and still I can't help but think that today we reached some sort of milestone.

With further luck, another few sessions in the coming two weeks, a little mixing and then...voila!