Rosie rang me the night before. 'Are we really doing this?'

Hell yeah. 6am on Saturday, toe-curlingly-cold and we're up, driving off to Bowral to play at the Markets.

Despite managing a small moment of Agoraphobia as yours truly left the house, it was a decent drive under blue skies.

Ahh...memories of time spent on Merrygang street and Bong Bong Street.

As I parked the car I looked up to the clear blue through the gumtrees. Gumtree. Anyway. Pretty.

37140080_1727086087408460_2348793635656433664_n (Custom).jpg

Brother Bill has gone to a tremendous effort to get this project organised. We are fortunate indeed.

All I had to do was setup my stuff and grab coffee.

37115727_1727084884075247_6226396754523193344_n (Custom).jpg

How cold was it?

Rosie took this brilliant picture when his Pick snapped in half. yeah that's pretty cold.

37230132_1728725450577857_5243799483778596864_n (Custom).jpg

Doing the Weather Permitting tour has prompted us to play some back catalogue songs, some, such as company of a friend, we haven't played live on stage in...5...6...years?

Half Man Cow, Rest My Bones, all the Carl's Chair album stuff, plus the gentler items from other albums that don't get a run at the Night Gigs.

There was a wonderful confluence of perfect weather, cold cold cold, yet sunny.

The smells from the stall holders making amazing food, coffee, yummy baked products, spicy Indian/Turkish (?) stuff OMG wafting across the schoolyard.

It was a particularly pleasant day and we had quite the crowd.

To my great surprise, several of the stall holders came over to say thankyou, as we finished up for the day.

Between sun, skies and music, there had been a good turn out and a lot of people stuck around the market, leading to a brisk trade for stall holders.

Rosie got a discount on Hot Sauce (oh he's happy now), a few Stallholders bought CD's by way of thanks and...we got free empanada's.

IMG_6768 (Custom).jpeg

The Empanada's of Victory. Nothing says love like Spanish Snacks! Thank you Ola Lola!

As I continue to read the news, looking at the world spinning off its axis, I am reminded how fortunate we are to be here, down in Oz.

If you aren't getting out to your local markets, you are missing some stonkingly great artisan foods, gifts, produce and good vibes. And if you happen to be out there, and it's Weather Permitting, you may find your friends in the stormcellar out enjoying it too.