The first lie is that you have no power.

One person makes a difference.

Ask the king, the tyrant, the despot

Telling you that you have no power.

The first way to win is to convince you of it.

It takes the responsibility of action from you

makes of your bad faith


fellow traveller

and lays the pathway to your own oppression.


It's hard to stand against the tide.

Hard to accept the answerless questions

knowing that they'll be asked only.

It takes the brighter skies of our minds

the stronger roots into the earth

the whole and perfect belief

that because there is life,

life wishes to be. Can be.


Who picks up each foot, one after another?

Who makes the journey of a thousand miles?

Who pays attention to the ten thousand things?

Who stays their hand in anger

offers it in kindness

chooses the harder path

because an unerring rightness directs them

stronger than a current

a true north from within

of understanding

of respectful awe

that knowledge demands.


It is your hand.

Your foot.

Your voice.

The first.

One amongst many,

each equally powerful

because they have chosen to be.


Eventually, one leaf falls

one drop of rain

one feather of snow,

from such gentle things

come the weight of what is real,

what cannot be resisted.


This is a truth of power.

It is not taken.

It is surrendered.

Hold fast, a moment longer.

Hold fast, the binding moments go

Hold fast until the tempest has abated.